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    Grand Hotel Donat Superior is located in the center of Rogaška Slatina, famous in Europe primarily for the unique healing properties of the natural mineral water Donat, rich in magnesium.

    The Grand Hotel Donat Superior is known for a wide range of high-quality services, staffed in foreign languages ​​and professional individual approach; it is one of the best hotels in Slovenia.

    The completely renovated and air-conditioned hotel has: 3 luxurious lifestyle rooms, beautiful Renaissance-style suites (Leonardo da Vinci, Katerina and Alexander), 6 presidential suites, 12 family suites, 3 superior apartments, 7 deluxe double rooms, 2 Panoramic rooms, 76 double rooms, 62 single rooms and a conference room for 50 people.

    The rooms have air conditioning and a balcony, mini bar, safe, satellite TV, bathrobe, slippers and Internet connection. Free wifi.

    The friendliness of staff, high-quality services, well-groomed territory and surroundings - all this ensures our guests a pleasant stay at the hotel, enriched with a healthy lifestyle and a rich offer of wellness programs.


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    Hotel services


    Hotel street

    01. casino
    02. Adivina - home fashion
    03. Shop
    04. Amon ad space
    05. cafe and vegetable shop
    06. Galvanni - fashion accessories
    07. Zlatarna Celje - Jewelry Store |
    08. Luna - women's fashion
    09. Couture de fleur - unique
    silk products
    10. ASBK fashion
    11. Shop
    12. service
    13. official
    14. elevator
    15. shopping gallery
    16. S.D.S. Schiliani fashion
    17. Lucia Pieri high fashion
    18. SailoExp - nautical fashion
    19. hairdresser
    20. Boutique IFT
    21. Marjetka - kiosk
    22. billiards
    • Royal Suite - 621 + 620
    • Alexander - 621
    • Katerina - 620
    • DBL deLuxe - 616 + 615
    • Dante - 611 + 610 + 609
    • DBL deLuxe - 611 + 610
    • Family apartments - 44
    • Presidential suite - 43
    • Family apartments - 42
    • Family apartments - 41
    • Presidential suite - 33
    • Presidential suite - 23

    • Panoramic - 54
    • Panoramic - 51
    • Presidential suite - 53
    • Family apartments - 52
    • Family apartments - 34
    • Presidential suite - 32
    • Family apartments - 31
    • Family apartments - 24
    • Presidential suite - 22
    • Family apartments - 21
    • S Family Apartments - 14
    • Family apartments - 13
    • DBL Family Apartments - 12

    • 5th floor
    • 4th floor
    • 3rd floor
    • 2nd floor
    • 1st floor



    Well-groomed skin effectively protects the face from the negative influence of the environment and ..


    By choosing a suitable body treatment, you can cleanse and revitalize the skin ..


    The main part of the massage is a touch, the effect of which penetrates not only into the skin ..


    Sauna strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on health. It effectively cleanses the body ...


    Exercise frees the mind and makes you feel great. The word FITNESS occurs ...


    Water optimally supports the body. Body weight and muscle tension when swimming evenly ...


    The Detox program is based on a carefully designed diet and drinking of natural mineral water Donat MG. It is designed to remove toxins from the body, as well as establish the necessary balance for optimal functioning of our body. Despite the fact that the Detox menu is an integral part of the Detox affiliate program (in collaboration with the Medical Center), we invite you to try the Detox diet, which effectively contributes to the normalization of body weight, improving well-being and blood test results.


    The wine list of Grand Hotel Donat Superior offers selected global wine and wine of Slovenian wine growers. Slovenia boasts with an exceptional and diverse range of normal, bottled and predicate wines. Enologist has divided Slovenia into three wine areas: Primorska, Podravje, Posavje. Selected wines will emphasize the taste of ingested meals. Our sommelier will be happy to advise you.

    A`LA CARTE, house specialties

    Experience a memorable culinary adventure. Indulge in a wide range of flavours and authentic presentation of dishes of the restaurant Apolonija.

    Treat yourself with a romantic evening, rounded off with music and hypnotic flavour of flambé dishes.


    Caring for a healthy body and being fit, we offer you the possibility of a diet.

    We can also offer you:

    • restricted diet also called Montignac
    • separation diet